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Chivalry 2 open beta is coming

Chivalry 2 open beta is coming

Massive battles against many other players have been always been quite appealing to video game players and Chivalry 2 offers you exactly that. You just have to choose your character, customize it and jump into multiplayer to take part in an epic clash between factions that can be as chaotic as a real medieval battle in order to have lots of fun. Do you prefer to be a knight clad in heavy plate armor and wield a huge two-handed sword to decapitate your enemies? What about becoming a sturdy infantry soldier with a halberd who is able to deliver powerful blows from a distance? Whatever you choose, Chivalry 2 offers you multiplayer battles that pit up to 64 players for supremacy through a variety of gameplay modes. But if you prefer to make it close and personal or have some grudges to settle, the game also includes 1v1 servers where you will be able to test your mettle in singular combat.

With plenty of customization options, armor, and weapons to choose from, Chivalry 2 offers you a unique multiplayer experience focused on medieval combat. Whether you are a lowly peasant or a noble knight, your performance will be decisive for the outcome of the battle. You can team up with a small group of players to complete objectives, sneak behind enemy lines for a surprise attack, or just follow the orders of your commander to contribute to your team's strategy in the best possible way. Whatever you decide, Chivalry 2's action-packed combat will be an exhilarating experience.



If you want to give Chivalry 2 a try and discover many of the features in the game, a free open beta will take place on May 27th. It will feature crossplay between platforms and new maps for 64 players, but if you are playing on PC, you will also be able to give a try to the 1v1 mode. Chivalry 2 will launch on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles on June 8, 2021.

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