Chivalry 2 launches on Steam next month

Chivalry 2 launches on Steam next month

It's been a long year for the fans of the Chivalry series that are not too keen on Epic Games Store. Chivalry 2 launched as a limited-time exclusive on Epic Games' digital distribution platform for its PC version, and it's been quite a success. Not only does it bring new gameplay mechanics and better graphics, but it has also received plenty of updates that have added new features since it was launched. With large-scale battle simulations for up to 64 players and lots of action, Chivalry 2 has become a favorite of the fans, that is, unless you wanted to play the game on Steam.

Leaving aside the polemic matter of using exclusive deals to draw players to your platform, which is something too common, these exclusive deals tend to come to an end sooner or later. That's exactly what occupies us today, as Chivalry 2 will become available on Steam on June 12. Developer Tripwire Interactive has confirmed it with a new video that also brings some novelties.


Tenosian Invasion DLC

Not only the Steam version ofChivalry 2 will include all the updates released to the date for the game. Its launch will also be accompanied by the release of a new DLC, Tenosian Invasion, which will be available on all platforms on the same date. Tenosian Invasion includes four new maps, two for Team Deathmatch mode and two for Team Objective mode. Each of them features a different scenario where to fight with your friends against other players. If you are not planning on spending money on DLCs, a new free update is also coming next month. It will add mounted combat to Chivalry 2, along with new armory items, weapon skins, and more.

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