Chivalry 2 receives its first major update

Chivalry 2 receives its first major update

Despite its name, Chivalry 2 can be quite a brutal game. Developer Tripwire Interactive has done a great job representing the chaos and brutality of medieval warfare in this multiplayer hack and slash game. In Chivalry 2, the Agata Knights and the Mason Order fight for supremacy across different scenarios in various multiplayer modes. The game offers a fun experience that has caught the attention of many players already. The game has been out for just a few months, and it has received minor updates here and there that have improved its gameplay, but it's about time that it gets a significant update with a host of additional content. 

The House Galencourt is a new free update that adds new features to Chivalry 2. It brings two new maps, The Desecration of Galencourt as a team objective map, and Courtyard, a free-for-all team deathmatch map. In the first one, the Mason Army lays siege to the fortified city of Galencourt. The second one is a merciless massacre where only the strongest team will be standing at the end. Those two are more than enough to provide a good dose of fun to Chivalry 2 players, but the update also includes a brand new gameplay mode, Arena, a challenging competition where two teams of three players compete for dominance across map variants of Tournament Grounds, Fighting Pit, and Courtyard. Of course, the House Galencourt update also includes plenty of new cosmetic options for armor, weapons, and shields, as well as bug fixes, balance changes, and the return of the Arrow Cam. You can learn about those in detail by reading the official 2.1.0 patch notes here.



If you are yet to discover the woes and joys of medieval warfare, you can find the best price to purchase Chivalry 2 on our comparator. Tripwire Interactive plans to continue improving the game in the following months with additional content and features so that you won't get bored of Chivalry 2 anytime soon.

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