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    Play as a bunch of super spies in the multiplayer action game Deceive Inc. Do everything to achieve your objective—disguise yourself as anyone, employ high-tech gadgets, and take out the competition.

    Deceive Inc. is the most powerful and influential private company in espionage. Your outfit employs top spies from all over the world. But the professional spy business is a big ocean, and you’re not the only shark. Even as you and your fellow spies plunge into a dangerous mission to obtain a prize, only one spy can grab it and get paid in the end. That’s where the rivalry comes in.

    Choose your character from a roster of different agents, each with their own signature playstyle and weapon. Add even more gear such as the hologram disguise and the bullet-proof umbrella. Put on your disguise to hide in plain sight—so long as you don’t attack or get caught, that is.

    Once you’re ready, infiltrate the location, open the vault, and race to steal the prize. Of course, beware of your rival agents who stand ready to take your hard-earned objective from your cold dead hands. There are no permanent alliances in Deceive Inc, only a single winner. The question is, will it be you?

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