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Baldur's Gate III is a best-seller on PS5 too

Baldur's Gate III is a best-seller on PS5 too

Baldur's Gate III is showing outstanding numbers after its recent launch on Steam. The game boasts an impressive number of concurrent players that with a peak of 814,466 players that leaves behind games like Apex Legends and Valheim. An epic adventure in the Forgotten Realms seems to be exactly what players were waiting for. The huge popularity of the Dungeons and Dragons setting has contributed to boosting the sales of the game but it's Larian who takes all the credit because of the unique experience that it has created, which has managed to convince a huge community eagerly waiting to discover the game.

The launch of Baldur's Gate III has not been void of problems, and the developer has already launched a big patch that solved most of them. The most notable one was a bug that didn't let you save your game but it's already been addressed. Therefore, the numbers of the game will keep growing and will probably break some records on Steam. It's worth noticing that Baldur's Gate III is mainly a single-player adventure (although it can be played in co-op for up to 4 players). It's competing with multiplayer games, which naturally have the edge when it comes to the number of players. But Larian's creation is holding its ground and giving many others a run for their money on SteamDB charts.

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As all fans know, Baldur's Gate III will launch on PlayStation 5 on September 6. The upcoming release of the game for Sony's console is already boasting great numbers. Baldur's Gate III is the second best-selling pre-order in the US, which anticipates a huge success.



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