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Larian reveals more details about Baldur's Gate III

Larian reveals more details about Baldur's Gate III

We have already talked about many of the features in Baldur's Gate III and how involved Larian Studios is in the development of the game. The game's almost colossal size will be hard to match (maybe Starfield could be close) but it's the little details that will make it a unique RPG experience that will be remembered for years. Although those that have played Divinity: Original Sin II may have a better idea of what the studio is capable of, getting a full image that covers the whole level of creativity of the developers could be almost impossible according to the last few bits of information revealed about Baldur's Gate III.

We already know that Baldur's Gate III will feature a character creator tool that allows a deep level of customization. The game also lets you pick from a wide variety of classes, each with its own abilities. But the developers wanted to make it even more exciting for players who want a challenge and you can also select a customizable character with a pre-set origin that is quite surprising.

The adventures of a serial murderer

The latest Baldur's Gate III video introduces the Dark Urge. This very uncommon protagonist of a game not only suffers from memory loss due to the unfortunate events in the game. While having a parasite burrowed in his brain is bad, the Dark Urge also hides a dark secret: he has an insatiable desire for murdering other people in the cruelest and most violent ways. Of course, it's up to you to decide if you want to play Baldur's Gate III as him and give free rein to his brutal instincts or not. Even if you try to refrain from killing people, your inner self may take control of your actions briefly, and you will be left with a bloody mess in your hands when you regain control. You can't deny that it's quite a challenging and original way of facing an epic adventure like Baldur's Gate III.



Small details like these often make an impression and are the key to certain games becoming even bigger hits. After all, if Larian allows you to play as an amnesic blood-crazed murderer, imagine the kind of challenges that you may encounter in Baldur's Gate III.

You won't have to wait much longer to find the answer by yourself as the release of the game is scheduled for August 3. As usual, you can use our comparator to find the best deals on Baldur's Gate 3 PC keys and get ready to begin an epic adventure as soon as the game is available to play.

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