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The sequel to Divinity: Original Sin takes place one thousand years before the events of its award-winning predecessor. This time, the tides have turned and you are one of the Sourcerers. Your ability to summon monstrous creatures from the encroaching Void makes you a threat to the rest of the people. The Magisters of the Divine Order have captured you and you are taken to Fort Joy. Blaming your kind for the death of the Divine, you are bound in chains and in wait for them to “cure” you of your powers. But there are dark secrets in the Order, and while you escape from your confinement you discover that Bishop Alexandar has ulterior motives to declare Sourcerers as criminals. You will embark yourself on a quest to stop him and prevent the world from being consumed by the Void. Divinity: Original sin 2 introduces a bunch of new features: - You will be able to choose from 5 different races, including human, elf, dwarf, lizzard and undead, each of them with their own racial talents and traits. - A new origin stories system is included. You can pick a background story for your character, that will unfold and expand as you complete origin quests through the game. - A classless character progression system allows you to develop your character in any way you choose, customizing your skills, stats, habilities, and talents. - You have complete freedom when it comes to what to do. Every choice is yours. You can kill anyone, talk, and trade with everyone. - The turn-based combat system has been rebalanced and improved, making your tactical decisions more important than ever and introducing new mechanics, skills and for the first time, magic spells. - The number of players able to join in co-op has been raised to four. Each of you will have different goals and the choice of co-operating or competing with the others will be yours. Be ready to face an awesome adventure, with a darker and more grounded narrative that will lead you through an epic story like you have never experienced before.

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  • $19.99
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    Definitive Edition
  • $19.99
    PS4 PS4
    Definitive Edition

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Mar 19, 2020, 11:01 PM on
C'est quoi la différence entre l'édition standart et la definitive ?
What is the difference between the standard edition and the definitive one?
Dec 30, 2017, 7:29 PM on
Sûrement un des meilleurs rpg ! Je m'étais éclaté avec un pote sur le 1. Je découvre le 2 en solo, et nom de Bouddha ils ont juste pris le 1 amélioré tout ce qui était possible, et en même temps, en rajoutant assez de nouveauté pour avoir une vrai nouvelle version ! Lancez vous sans hésitez :)
Surely one of the best rpg ! I had a blast with a buddy on 1. I discover the 2 in solo, and name of Buddha they just took the 1 improved everything that was possible, and at the same time, adding enough novelty to have a real new version! Go for it without hesitation :)
Sep 26, 2017, 11:35 AM on
RPG en ligne jouable jusqu'à 4, avec des choix qui influence l'avenir de votre personnage.. ça mérite qu'on se penche dessus! Sinon, foncez sans hésiter.
Online RPG playable up to 4, with choices that influence the future of your character... it deserves to be looked at! If not, go for it without hesitation.
Sep 22, 2017, 5:38 PM on
J'attends ce jeu depuis que j'ai découvert le premier il y a quelques mois, ca va être une tuerie. Merci à vous de faire gagner une clé et bonne chance à tous.
I've been waiting for this game since I discovered the first one a few months ago, it's going to be a killer. Thanks to you for giving away a key and good luck to everyone.

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