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Larian announces surprises for Divinity

Larian announces surprises for Divinity

We assumed that everyone at Larian Studios would have their hands full with the development of Baldur's Gate III but it seems that they have enough time to dedicate it to the series that made them popular. This is what you can understand after reading the answer that Larian Studios Director of Publishing Michael Douse has given to a fan who asked about Divinity. There is no doubt that the amazing work that the studio did with Divinity: Original Sin 2 is what has led them to delve into such a complicated project as the release of the sequel to what is still considered one of the best role-playing video game series of all times, Baldur's Gate. Due to the high expectation that the announcement of Baldur's Gate III has created, it is quite surprising indeed that the studio has spare resources to dedicate them to other projects.



Nothing has been revealed about what kind of surprises they have in store for the Divinity license and even though some people are already asking for a spin-off card game and things like that, it is highly doubtful that the studio is going to immerse itself into the launch of another game. Maybe they will release a character pack for Divinity: Original Sin 2 or even a DLC.

Whatever the news will be, the Guerrilla Collective event will be a very good opportunity of hearing about upcoming games and the presence of other important studios like Paradox Interactive, 11 Bit, Versus Evil, and Humble Publishing has already been confirmed. You can watch the whole event via Twitch on the following address. It will take place from June 6 to June 8 and, although whatever information about Baldur's Gate III is revealed will focus the attention of the viewiers, we expect to see a lot of announcements about upcoming projects during the event.


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