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The worldwide reveal of Baldur's Gate III was literally amazing

The worldwide reveal of Baldur's Gate III was literally amazing

Larian Studios finally revealed Baldur's Gate III gameplay at Pax East yesterday and it was a real blast. Developers played the game in its current state of development for almost 45 minutes showing all kinds of features and a bit of the story of a game that has everything to become a worthy successor of the original Baldur's Gate series. The best thing about the reveal is that they showed the game as it is right now and that caused several problems that turned out to be quite hilarious. That contributed to provide a feeling of authenticity to the presentation, something that is often missing when games are revealed under "more controlled conditions". Although the video is quite long and it spoils a bit of the story we are quite sure that most of you won't mind because it's quite clear that Baldur's Gate III is going to be a huge game and it shouldn't affect your gameplay.



Baldur's Gate III will include and improve some of the features that have made popular other games created by Larian. Like in Divinity: Original Sin 2, you will be able to combine different elements to create extra effects, by setting on fire flammable patches of grease for extra damage, and you will be able to move objects and pile them on top of each other to create improvised stairs. Those were kind of expected, but after watching the whole video you realize that Baldur's Gate III is not just a reskinned game, but that it has its own flavor and mechanics and that it offers a true Dungeons and Dragons experience.

Although Baldur's Gate III is a work in progress, the game already shows enough potential to become the most important game released in recent years and one that will create new standards for de genre. There is still much work to do in the game and most fans of the series will probably contribute to it by playing the game when it enters Early Access in a couple of months. Baldur's Gate III is among the most anticipated since it was announced and now that it has proved that it's good, it will become a must for everyone that loves role-playing games and claim a place in all libraries next to other great games like Skyrim.

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