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Larian confirms that Baldur's Gate III gameplay will be revealed next week

Larian confirms that Baldur's Gate III gameplay will be revealed next week

We were talking yesterday about Baldur's Gate III and the possibility of the game being launched in 2020. After Larian Studios said that the game appearing among the games to be released for Google Stadia this year was an error, we assumed that Pax East would be the scenario used by the developers to reveal more about the game. Today the developers of Baldur's Gate III have confirmed that they will be hosting a gameplay reveal of Baldur’s Gate III at Pax East and a video has been published to announce it.



If you are not attending the show you can still watch the stream on Youtube. It will start on February 27 at 12:30 pm PST, 21.30 EST.

The motion capture images shown in the video, along with the awesome music and the scenery, got the mouths of the fans of Baldur's Gate watering already, so the next nine days are going to feel very long until we finally get to know what Larian has been cooking for us.

Leaving the excitement aside, there is still one very important question about Baldur's Gate III that has to be answered: when is the release of the game happening? Larian Studios has not provided any clue about that in the new video, but at least it proves that Baldur's Gate III is going to be at a completely different level compared to previous installments in the series. The stakes are very high when it comes to such a game and the developers can't afford to disappoint the huge amount of players that love Baldur's Gate and consider it the best role-playing game franchise of all times.

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