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Starfield is bigger than you think

Starfield is bigger than you think

Starfield has been in the spotlight since it was announced but the official gameplay reveal of the game during last week's showcase has made it even more popular. There are characteristics of the game that have caught the eye of the fans and these have generated intense discussions during the last few days. While the matter of players needing an SSD to run Starfield on their PC can be quite annoying for those who don't have one, the procedurally generated planets in the game have generated a lot of concerns. There are many who think that Starfield could just include a bunch of procedurally generated content which would be far from what they expect from Bethesda's new sci-fi adventure.

It's just huge

Starfield creative director Todd Howard has addressed this matter in a recent interview with IGN. When asked about the ratio of procedurally generated planets in the game, Howard revealed that the amount of handcrafted content in the game surpasses what we have seen in any previous games done by them.

"Well, the planets themselves, the landscape's pretty much all procedural. We kind of make these large... Think like kilometer-sized tiles we've generated. And those get kind of wrapped around the planet. As far as handcrafted content, more than any game we've done. "

Starfield will provide countless hours of fun for those willing to immerse deeply in a space exploration experience. If anything, procedurally generated content just guarantees a high level of replayability. The relevance of all those planets for the story is just secondary, as it's clear that you won't be forced to visit all the 1000+ planets in Starfield to progress. If the game provides an immersive enough environment where you feel comfortable, it's sure that many players will take their time exploring many of these just for the experience.



With one doubt less in the equation, Starfield is heading to one of the most anticipated releases of 2023 which will happen on September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X/S. You can use our comparator to pre-order the game already and get a cheap Starfield code.

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