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The new Starfield gameplay trailer will blow your mind

The new Starfield gameplay trailer will blow your mind

Many players were concerned about how very little Bethesda had revealed about Starfield so far. That's why the latest Showcase was so eagerly anticipated. Once more, The developer didn't disappoint the fans and released not one but two videos that shed some light on many aspects of the upcoming sci-fi game.

The first video puts the focus on the story while also revealing a good chunk of gameplay footage showing combat and exploration scenes. In Starfield, you are a member of Constellation, an organization in charge of exploring the far reaches of the galaxy and uncovering its secrets. Such a dangerous job will have you visiting unexplored locations, establishing relations with a variety of factions, each with its own agenda, and also fighting against plenty of threats all over the galaxy.



A very deep dive

The second video offers a more immersive journey through the game features. Starfield includes a detailed character creator that will allow you to customize your look however you choose. The video also showcases a variety of different spaceships that you can access in the game. Each of them has different capabilities and is suitable for a specific task, whether it's exploration or combat. You can also customize them with a variety of add-ons to adapt them to your needs.

Starfield will feature a good deal of space combat, and Bethesda has created a system that vaguely reminisces of Star Wars: Squadrons. Your ship has a specific power level that you can divert to different systems to boost its performance. Learning to adapt it to address a specific situation will be the key to your success in the game. Of course, Starfield goes beyond that, and you will also be able to assault and take control of enemy spaceships, adding them to your fleet.



The strongest feature of Starfield is exploration. Bethesda has revealed that every adventure will be completely different from each other. The contents of each planet you explore will be generated as you arrive at them. The planet itself is procedurally generated, opening the door to a new adventure every time.

With all these features, Starfield is set to become one of the most important releases of the year and a strong candidate for the Game of the Year award in many categories. The launch of the game is scheduled for September 6 on PC and Xbox Series X/S and you can pre-order your Starfield code already with our comparator.

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