Get ready for Baldur's Gate III with a free adventure

Get ready for Baldur's Gate III with a free adventure

Baldur's Gate III is due to release in August but Larian has decided to provide the fans with an opportunity to visit the Forgotten Realms and return to the legendary city ahead of the launch of the upcoming RPG. The studio has released a game in the form of a browser-based murder mystery that you can access for free on the official website. Blood in Baldur's Gate acts as a prequel of sorts for Baldur's Gate III and allows you to investigate a terrible murder.

Elementary, my dear Watson

Blood in Baldur's Gate is set fifteen years before the events in Baldur's Gate III. The premise of the game is simple, a murder has been committed and you need to find the culprit and the reasons behind such a terrible act of violence. In the game, you can visit different locations of the city by navigating a top-down map. You can examine a series of details at each location and look for clues that may provide some information about the perpetrator of the crime. You can also question possible witnesses in order to follow a trail that may lead you to the answers you are desperately seeking.

But nothing is as simple as it looks in Blood in Baldur's Gate. You will be sharing your space with other investigators, and each of you has to cast a vote on what location you all want to visit next. You can communicate with other investigators via Larian official forums to coordinate your efforts and discuss possible strategies.



The game will keep you busy for quite a while as there are many locations to investigate. Larian hasn't shared if it will provide any kind of reward to those participating in the investigation if they solve the crime, but it would be nice if players get some in-game items for Baldur's Gate III. In any case, Blood in Baldur's Gate looks like an interesting way of passing the time while you wait for the release of one of the most eagerly anticipated role-playing adventures of all time. Remember that you can pre-order the game with our comparator and get a cheap Baldur's Gate III digital code.

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