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Baldur's Gate III will launch next year

Baldur's Gate III will launch next year

When Larian Studios announced Baldur's Gate III, we all knew that the development of the game would take quite a while. Still, the first gameplay video looked amazing, and the game soon entered Early Access on Steam, where it has received several patches that added new classes and more content. Of course, the content you can access is quite limited, but it gives you a very good idea of the type of gameplay and the story you will be enjoying when the final version is out. 



Larian Studios not only has implemented new mechanics that will allow you to interact with the environment in ways never seen before in an RPG. Also, what we know of the storyline looks gripping and epic enough already to have all the fans of the popular series drooling. Baldur's Gate III seems to be what all the fans were expecting and a little more, and it's bound to become one of the most important role-playing games of all time. The expectation created by the game is so high that plenty of players rushed to purchase it to give its Early Access version a try. 

When will Baldur's Gate III's final version be released?

That single question has been in the mind of all the fans of the genre since the game was announced, and we are much closer to knowing the final answer. A lot of speculation about a 2022 release has been going around, but Larian Studios has officially confirmed that Baldur's Gate III will launch in 2023. The announcement was made in a new video released as part of a Dungeons & Dragons event yesterday.



There's no clue about when exactly in 2023 Baldur's Gate III will be finally available, but if you really can't wait to give it a try, you should visit our comparator to get your Baldur's Gate III Steam key at the best price as soon as possible. Larian will be releasing more patches with additional content in the following months, and you will be able to test how combat works and discover a few things about the first chapter of the game.

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