Baldur's Gate III tweaks some mechanics due to players' feedback

Baldur's Gate III tweaks some mechanics due to players' feedback

Larian Studios already told us that there is still a long way to go until Baldur's Gate III is ready for the release of its final version. The most anticipated RPG in recent years is currently on Early Access, and plenty of players have given it a try. Even if it's just an unfinished version with very limited content what the players can enjoy now, it's been enough to get a massive number of sales already, and other than allowing the most impatient players to delve into the world of Forgotten Realms once more, it's also being useful to collect a lot of feedback that the developers are putting to good use. 

A good proof of that is that the latest Community Update for Baldur's Gate III has revealed that the upcoming patch for the game is mainly going to focus on mechanics rather than introducing additional content. Patch 5 will change the skill system so it feels less random, offering the players the possibility of modifying their skill check rolls by adding spells and other bonuses, and also allowing them to see all these modifiers in the game UI. The camping system will be overhauled too, and it will be much harder to recover after a fight since you will need to carry supplies for a long rest. Finally, a more interesting addition comes with the introduction of the character backgrounds. You chose them during character creation and they reflect the origins of your character, but now they will also open certain mini-quests and rewards for those that behave according to their selected background, which is something that will encourage the role-playing aspect of Baldur's Gate III.



Add some tweaks to spells here and there, as well as other minor changes, and the next update for Baldur's Gate III will be quite an interesting one, even if it doesn't really anything new in the form of content. That's something that Larian is keeping for the following update, which should arrive not too long after this one. Update 5 will be available on July 13. If you own Baldur's Gate III already, get ready to download the patch and test those changes by yourself next Tuesday.

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