Baldur's Gate III has been delayed again

Baldur's Gate III has been delayed again

Although at this point of the year we shouldn't be surprised to see yet another delay announced, in a certain way it's rather disappointing to see that Baldur's Gate III won't be ready for Early Access when it was supposed to. Developer Larian studios intended to make the game available on Early Access in August, then they delayed it to September 30th, and now it seems that we might be able to play it on October 6th, if nothing happens of course. This situation is nothing really exceptional but it makes you wonder about the real state of the game. We have seen plenty of footage about Baldur's Gate III in earlier previews and in most of them, the game looked quite nice. It's entering Early Access, which obviously means that players won't play the final version of the game, even if they are paying for it. So why not just release Baldur's Gate III and fix the problems later?



Well, the main reason behind that is probably that first impression really matters. Not everyone really understands the concept of paying to play in advance a game that is not completely finished yet, and the reviews can have quite a huge impact on the popularity of Baldur's Gate III. It's not the same for the game to begin its journey through Early Access with a very good reputation and offering quite a good experience that gets improved as time passes, than getting a bad reputation due to a poor experience at the start of Early Access and having to convince players that you are fixing it later.

Anyway, this time it's just going to be six days more only, so it's not such a big deal, and if it's going to mean that we will get to play a better Baldur's Gate III it's definitely worth the extra waiting time. Until then, you can read the latest community update that delves into the depths of Romance & Companionship mechanics in Baldur's Gate III.


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