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Watch one hour of Baldur's Gate III gameplay

Watch one hour of Baldur's Gate III gameplay

Larian has not been shy at all when talking about the features of Baldur's Gate III and we already have had the opportunity of watching a rather lengthy gameplay video when the new role-playing game in the Baldur's Gate series was revealed. It seems that they will continue letting us view plenty of their game before it is available on Early Access next August. Larian boss Swen Vincke has shown a full hour of Baldur's Gate III gameplay in a new video, and if you thought that the previous one was good you should take a look at this one. The new video shows some new gameplay systems for the first time and it looks amazing. Of course, if you prefer not to know anything about the story in Baldur's Gate III you might want to skip watching the video because it contains some minor spoilers.



The new Baldur's Gate III gameplay video shows that some modifications have been made to the game since it was revealed in February. The initiative system has changed and you can now choose to combine the actions of your characters however you please as long as they have the same initiative. That opens up a lot of tactical possibilities since each character has a wide range of abilities that they can use. Also, a feature that we can see in action for the first time is the Inspiration system, which allows you to use certain points to repeat your dice rolls potentially being one of the most useful tools at your disposal in the game.

If you watched the previous video you will also notice that the narrator lines have been changed. Now, Baldur’s Gate III will be narrated in present tense when players make dialogue decisions, as opposed to past tense. You also can notice some changes made to the UI and monsters that appear for the first time.


Baldur's Gate III definitely looks like a very solid candidate to become one of the best role-playing games released in recent years and a worthy successor of the classic Baldur's Gate games.

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