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Baldur's Gate III won't arrive this year

Baldur's Gate III won't arrive this year

It may not come as a surprise to all those that have purchased Baldur's Gate III on Early Access already, but it seems that there is a long way to go for its development. This fact has been confirmed by Larian Studios founder Swen Vincke in an interview with Gamespot, where he stated that they are aiming for a 2022 release. Baldur's Gate III became one of the most anticipated role-playing games since way before it was available in Early Access, and it rapidly surpassed one million copies sold on Steam just a few days after that. The sequel to the popular RPG series Baldur's Gate promised to be a spectacular game that would take the genre back to its roots but also featuring an unprecedented level of interactive gameplay and an epic storyline.



We got proof of all that the first time Baldur's Gate III gameplay was shown in a video. The characters can perform actions that are far more complex and detailed than the ones we are used to seeing in other RPGs. Pushing enemies off cliffs or interacting with the elements in the scenario in new and creative ways are just a few examples of that. Larian Studios has improved the system that made Divinity: Original Sin II so popular to deliver a unique experience. Also, Baldur's Gate III puts you in the middle of a Mindflayer invasion of the famous city that gives name to the game, and you begin your adventure infected with a parasite that will turn you into one of those abominations if you don't find a cure. This marks the start of an epic adventure that many players have already been able to experience thanks to Early Access.

The latest Baldur's Gate III update arrived back in February and it revealed one of the character classes in the game, the Druid. A As spellcasters, shapeshifters, and defenders of the nature, druids harness incredible powers and are a favorite among the fans of Dungeons and Dragons, and Larian has nailed it with the design. We expect to discover more classes and updates coming to Baldur's Gate III in the following months, and hope that the developers take as long as needed to make the game truly unforgettable.



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