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    Enter a wonderland of toys in Tin Hearts, a puzzle exploration adventure game from the makers of the RPG Fable. Lead a squad of toy soldiers on a magical journey across a toy realm, using whatever devices at hand to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

    Use objects in the world in humorous and surprising ways. Swing, fly, bounce, and shoot your way through obstacles with toy cannons, colorful balloons, toy trains, and wooden blocks. March your steadfast tin soldiers fearlessly through a magical environment. 

    You also gain the ability to manipulate time. Stop, rewind, and replay moments to help you solve puzzles and change the pattern of events. As you wander the world, uncover clues that will reveal a fascinating and heartfelt story hidden in the background.

    You can also play Tin Hearts in VR for an immersive experience. See the fascinating and charming world of toys as you directly control and touch the objects in this magical environment.

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