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    Gear up, soldier! The Tiny Troopers are back on the frontlines in Tiny Troopers: Global Ops. In this top-down twin-stick shooter, you must lead an elite squad of commandos across various missions all over the world. Fight your way through more than 40 missions across six different locations, facing whole armies of deadly foes.

    Up to four players make up your elite squad in a game that features cross-platform play from PCs to consoles. As Tiny Troopers, you can use specialist abilities like calling down air strikes, deploying drones, or healing your teammates. Eradicate the opposition with shotguns, rocket launchers, rifles, flamethrowers, and even assault helicopters. Engage them in sweltering deserts, frozen tundras, or deep in tropical jungles.

    Your enemies are no slouches. go up against a band of mercenaries, drone armies, or violent Rebels controlled by an intelligent and ruthless AI. Handle various missions like extraction, search and destroy, and defending an area against wave after wave of enemies. Improvise, adapt and overcome to win the day. Have you got what it takes, soldier? Then get ready for Tiny Troopers: Global Ops!

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