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    Uncover what lies in the depths of the sea with DREDGE, a horror fishing game where you are quite probably both the fisherman and the bait. Use your skills to gather up the sea’s bounty, but also the secrets that hide within this beautiful, if dangerous, locale. 

    You are a fisherman who is lost at sea, winding up at a fishing village located among a few remote islands called “The Marrows.” The inhabitants are strange and secretive. The mayor allows you to stay, on the condition that you catch food for the village folk. Before long you get a loan to purchase a small boat and soon you are trawling the waves for something to catch. 

    At first, it is easy. You can find up to 125 different sea creatures to sell for cash. Find a way to arrange them all in your ship’s cargo via a mini-game. Everything is fine and dandy during the daytime, but when the night falls and the fog rolls in, that’s when the monsters come out. 

    Discover the secrets hidden in the deep. Look for hidden treasures, complete quests, capture mutated fish, and dig deeper into the lore of the islands. Upgrade your trawler to better survive the monstrous denizens of the sea, of which there'll be plenty. Be prepared for the horror that waits in the depths of DREDGE.

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