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Dredge will soon have a no-monster mode

Dredge will soon have a no-monster mode

Good news for those with thalassophobia but who still want to play Dredge. Black Salt Games’ eldritch fishing sim is getting an update that will add a passive mode. That is, "monsters that usually attack fishing boats will no longer be aggressive.” Check out the Dredge trailer here:



It reels you in

Dredge is a survival horror fishing game where the ocean is teeming with sea monsters. These vicious beasts can appear at night, in certain areas of the game, or when you attempt to go off the map, just like in Subnautica. But with the upcoming free update, the helpful passive mode will keep you from getting attacked by monsters even when fishing at night, making the game a far more relaxing experience.

Aside from the passive mode, Dredge will also get a photo mode care of a new character in the game. According to producer Nadia Thorne, “When it launches, our photo mode will see the addition of a new in-game character who’ll help players unlock their camera ability and share clues on where to find some of the local marine wildlife as subjects for your photography.”

Before this update, the game will get another one that will add map markers and a few balance updates and fixes. Though there are no specified schedules for release, these updates are set to arrive within the month. 

Dredge will also get a third free update in the third quarter that will allow them to paint and customize their boat with flags. Sometime between October and December, Dredge players can also look forward to paid DLC, one where they will get to investigate the mysterious Ironhaven Corporation. If that catches your fancy, and if you have yet to try this monstrous fishing game, you can get a Dredge PC key from our comparator. Come on in, the water's fine.


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