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    Sweet Transit is a city builder that focuses entirely on railroads and trains as the method of transportation and expansion. Create a whole world from scratch by planning the outlay of different settlements before proceeding to build everything that the population will need. Instead of roads and cars, you will have to use trains and railroads exclusively to develop a thriving industry that will fuel the growth of the city.  

    It's a new type of world for a different type of people, but you need to keep the citizens happy by supplying them with all the items they need. Small villages will turn into huge metropolises bustling with activity if you do your job correctly and take into account all the factors when creating them. The bigger your settlement grows, the more significant needs you will have to satisfy to keep the citizens happy and working. Ensuring that they have accommodation, water, and food is just your fundamental concern, but everything escalates quite quickly in this game as time progresses. Soon enough, you will move from steam to diesel engines, bringing a new era of prosperity to your citizens.

    Will you be able to keep up with the citizen's demands? If you fail to do so, it will have a negative impact on your workers' productivity, and everything will go downhill from there. 

    Sweet Transit also features mod support and allows you to create custom content for the game and share it with other players via Steam Workshop.

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