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    Raise a family in the Scottish Highlands in Clanfolk, a civilization simulator set during medieval times. Build up your clan, create businesses, trade with other families, and have your family last for generations.

    Start by selecting a traditional Scottish clan or create your own from the ground up. Guide your family through several generations, watching them grow up, marry, raise a family, grow old, and pass on their wealth to the next generation. Each family is an individual whom you must feed, manage, and teach. They have their own dreams and ambitions and will level up over time—you need to ensure they pass on what they learned to their children. Over time, you can put up an inn for weary travelers, as well as trading posts with other clans.

    Nature in the Scottish lands has never been peaceful, but somehow you must endure it. Starting from a small plot of land, expand a home for your family, gather a herd of livestock, pick berries, and harvest crops. Every season provides a challenge—you must protect both your family and livestock from rains and a bitter winter. 

    Create your family now in Clanfolk, and have their name last throughout history.

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