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    The Iron Oath is a fantasy turn-based strategy RPG where you lead a mercenary company and attempt to survive and thrive in the troubled land of Caelum. As the leader of this company, you must hire new members, choose missions, and manage your company affairs until you win wealth and fame.

    As mercenaries, expect to fight in perilous missions against all kinds of enemies. Wander through dungeons, avoid deadly traps, and face implacable foes with every contract. 

    Create a well-balanced team of expert adventurers. You will need rogues, fighters, mages, and support members to sustain your party. You will also need to level them up and raise their skills to ensure success and survivability.

    Your mercenaries are only human. They will get injured, age, and even die. You will need to recruit new members and make sure their roles fill in what the party needs. 

    As Caelum changes, so must you adjust your strategies. Cities will change hands and new noble families will take over territories, opening up opportunities and pitfalls alike. 

    Above all, remember that your decisions will impact your company’s destiny. Expect to face difficult choices, and unpopular decisions that will affect your company and the fates of your mercenaries. Are you prepared to face The Iron Oath?

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