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    Blue Reflection: Second Light is an action JRPG that takes you on the adventures of three female students—Ao Hoshizaki, Kokoro Utsubo, and Yuki Kinjou—as they are transported into a magical, floating academy. With their memories wiped except their names, the trio must confront bizarre monsters and unlock magical powers, even as they search for their true selves and a path back home. 

    Blue Reflection: Second Light is unique in that part of the RPG focuses on the relationships between the three girls and the other inhabitants of the academy. As you deepen these bonds, your characters unlock new powers they can bring to combat. 

    The game lets you explore a vast, beautifully rendered world called Heartscapes, which are embodiments of each of your character’s hearts and minds. Here you can discover the voice and memories of each character and hopefully help them find out their true selves. 

    Second Light improves on its predecessor by providing better-rendered cutscenes, greater facial expressions, animated characters, and livelier dialogue. The environments allow you to climb, crawl, and discover secret areas with rewards. You may now also sneak around enemies by avoiding their line of sight. 

    A crafting system lets you create new gear from items scavenged in the wild or combat, much like the Atelier system. The game also provides tons of outfits for your girls to wear.

    What secrets may be found in the floating academy? Will the girls regain their memories and return to their world? Discover the answers yourself in Blue Reflection: Second Light.

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