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    A lonesome island. A haunted town. And an old camera. All of these come together for an unforgettable horror survival experience in FATAL FRAME/PROJECT ZERO: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse. You play Ruki Minazuki, one of five girls who were rescued from serial killer Yō Haibara, who had taken you to the caves beneath the island of Rougetsu. Years later, you are compelled to return to the island when your fellow captives start dying one by one. Now your fate is tied to the masks and the lunar ritual dance that guide souls to the afterlife, but the unquiet spirits of Rougetsu will stop at nothing to destroy you for wandering in their midst. Explore derelict houses, a vast temple, and the depths of the island itself.

    The Fatal Frame relies on the mechanic of the Camera Obscura, your only means of defense against violent ghosts. Taking a picture will drain a ghost’s spiritual essence. The most powerful shot—and the most dangerous—is the Fatal Frame, which is taking a shot at the precise moment the enemy attacks. You can also upgrade your camera, and find and use different types of film—the better the quality, the higher damage.

    Are you willing to explore the mysteries of the haunted Rougetsu island? Then conquer your fear and face the souls of the damned in FATAL FRAME/PROJECT ZERO: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse.

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