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    Experience the dusk of the Han Dynasty as a nameless soldier immersed in a war to the death against demons. Ancient Chinese history takes a new shake in this dark fantasy fictional representation of the Three Kingdoms. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the story of a "nobody" that becomes a legendary hero during the chaotic Three Kingdoms period. The creators of Nioh have used all their knowledge and experience to create a thrilling adventure with a deep focus on martial arts combat with a fantasy touch.

    Grab your sword and learn offensive and defensive movements until you become a master capable of changing the tide of any battle with your strikes. Mercilessly obliterate hordes of enemy demons and challenging bosses while you create your own fighting style and get covered in the blood of your enemies. Impressive graphics and action to the boot await you in this epic adventure inspired by the legends of ancient China.

    Will you rise as a mighty hero capable of slaying myriads of demons, or are you just another soldier whose name will be rapidly forgotten?

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