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    The Hand of Merlin pits you against eldritch monsters in a roguelike strategy game where each battle could be your last. You command three heroes on a desperate quest that will take them from Albion to Jerusalem to the edge of another world.

    A time for heroes. Start off with a knight, an archer, and a magician, then build up your roster by gaining achievements through your adventures. Each hero you acquire has its own unique starting stats. Make sure to deploy them strategically based on their role in order to survive the coming battles. Collect various gear and use the Blacksmith to improve your character’s equipment.

    Strange wars. Fight intense turn-based battles on an isometric map, using the terrain to help you gain the advantage. At first, human opponents will get in your way, but as the story progresses, things take a turn for weird as you face horrific, otherworldly monsters.

    Choose your fate. During certain choices and events, you may choose a card from a hand, The card will determine what rewards you will get. If fate smiles on you, you’ll get supplies, money, or renown, which you can use on your party.

    Quests, encounters, and rewards are randomized with each run of the game. What fate awaits your heroes? Draw a card from The Hand of Merlin and find out.

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