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    Smelter is a hybrid game that rewrites not only the platformer genre but the Book of Genesis as well. You play as Eve, the First Woman, who is now wandering the world in search of Adam after the untimely destruction of the Garden of Eden. By chance, you meet a creature called Smelter, a symbiote that can fuse with other beings and give them powerful abilities. Smelter becomes your living suit of armor. The two of you form an alliance — you will help him to rebuild his empire while he helps you to find Adam and return to your once peaceful life. It’s shaping up to be one wild adventure.

    Smelter is one-part strategy game, one-part side-scrolling Metroidvania platformer. In the strategy phase, you must expand Smelter’s empire across several overland maps and regions by setting up buildings, raising your army, and applying upgrades to both. Fight off invaders in a tower defense style mini-game. Conquer the Rumbly Lands to gain even more upgrades which you can give to Eve. 

    In the platformer phase, you control Eve as she progresses through various regions of the Rumbly Lands. Each region has its own unique look and set of challenges: dangerous deserts, the deep jungle, and a base filled with futuristic enemies. You'll face deadly enemies and even more lethal traps. To survive, you must unlock skill trees that give powerful abilities like double jump, dashing, deadly claw attacks, or a deflective shield. Use your skills to defeat difficult enemies, discover secrets, and overcome timed trials in each region. Power up, take down the bosses of the Rumbly Lands, and find out what has become of Adam. 

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