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    Undying is an unusual approach to the survival genre. You are Anling, a woman that tries to survive in a world infested by zombies. You were already having a hard time trying to get enough resources for you and your son to survive, but things take a turn for the worse when one of the zombies manages to bite you. Knowing what destiny awaits you is bad, but having a child that will have to face the perils of this world once you pass away is a more pressing concern. Anling has a limited time left, and she will have to get her son ready for the future at all costs. 

    Explore the world surrounding your home and look for additional resources. You will have to find enough food and drink to maintain you both and medication to slow down the infection and gain more time. Teach your son Cody how to fight, how to cook, and how to survive by himself. He will need to learn the basics of survival before you are no more. Cherish your moments together and learn about letting go in this emotional adventure where family is the most important thing.

    Undying is a unique experience that teaches you the value of the small things as you fight for survival under pressure.

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