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    In KUNAI, the world has been taken over by killer robots, and it’s up to you, a computer tablet with ninja skills, to save it. In this fast-paced platformer that mixes acrobatic skills and lightning ninja action, you must defeat an evil A.I. the save the Resistance and what’s left of humanity!

    You are Tabby, a ninja tablet marked with a cute face on your screen. You wake up in a graveyard for robots only to find that Lemonkus has taken over the world. You have been chosen to put an end to his tyranny with your most powerful weapon: the kunai, a throwing dagger that allows you to grapple on walls and ceilings. Gifted with rapid movement, agility, grappling abilities, and a swift blade, you must swing into action and fight the minions of Lemonkus in order to save the world!

    Travel through a wide range of locations, including a ruined city, deserts, an airship, and many others. Cut through hordes of robot enemies with blinding speed before they can even react. Use your kunai to grapple and swing to higher levels and get the drop on your foes. Search for secret areas and hidden passageways. All this with a pixel graphics aesthetic and a simple color palette that harkens back to the days of early platform gaming. KUNAI is full of rapid ninja parkour action, and once the game starts, you’re just going to have to keep up!

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