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    Farmer's Dynasty is a game that mixes roleplaying and simulation elements to deliver the most authentic and immersive farming experience. In Farmer's Dynasty, you return to your old family farm tired from your life in the city and eager to start a new life away from the stress of your past life. Rebuilding the farm and starting your own dynasty of farmers as you relive your old times in the place you grew at is your new objective.

    You will start repairing the farm and renovating it using different tools and materials. Once you have a suitable home, you can decorate it to your liking and continue with the other facilities where all the work is done, before heading to the crop fields that you will have to manage. Of course, your resources are not unlimited and you will have to manage the economy and production of the farm too. From tractors to agricultural machinery, whatever equipment you need will have to be bought by you with your har-eared money.

    But Farmer's Dynasty is more than a farming simulator, and you will also be able to socially interact with your peers in an extensive open world and collect social points. Sooner you later you will find someone that shares your interests and form a family that will continue with your heritage.

    From planting to taking care of crops and animals, harvesting, and selling your products, you will have to do all the work at the farm, but if you manage to find a balance between the hard work in the farm and leisure time that you can use to enjoy different activities like fishing or camping, you will surely have a great time as you life progresses in Farmer's Dynasty.

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