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    Everyone dreams of having a spot in history, or at least not being forgotten after their death. One of the ways to do this is through our lineage, and that's what Medieval Dynasty brings to you, a game that combines survival, simulation, role-playing, and strategy. You play as a young man during the Middle Ages in Europe who will have to found a real dynasty that will last over time. The catch is that you are really poor and you literally have to start from scratch simply by hunting and collecting the resources that you find on your way. Then, step by step, you will create a family and establish a larger and larger community, until you manage an entire village.

    Medieval Dynasty offers you an open world and a host of features for a thrilling gameplay. You will live at the rhythm of the seasons, with a day/night cycle and weather effects, and you be dependant on nature, as you will be able to quench your thirst and satiate your hunger thanks to the surrounding fauna and flora. You can also construct a variety of buildings and craft a host of items, including weapons, tools, and furniture. The role-playing aspect of the game comes in the form of a skill tree and quests from NPCs that you can complete, as well as events and a reputation system. 

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    • Original Medieval Dynasty Soundtrack
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    • Digital Manual
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    • 4K Wallpapers
    • Medieval Dynasty - Digital Supporter Pack
    • Medieval Dynasty - Official Guide
    • Medieval Dynasty - Official Cookbook

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