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    Jagged Alliance: Rage! is an intense turn-based strategy game set in a hostile jungle environment. Players must command a team of mercenaries to complete various missions & objectives.

    Gameplay focuses on tactical combat – allowing you to utilize the landscape and your team’s special abilities in order to gain the upper hand against enemy forces. Plus, there are plenty of weapons & equipment available for extra utility – such as machine guns, grenades, and more! Players have access to a selection of characters from the Jagged Alliance universe – each offering up their own unique skills & strategies in order to take out any obstacles that stand in their way!

    Graphically speaking, Jagged Alliance: Rage! looks great - featuring realistic visuals that really bring out the gritty atmosphere of its jungle setting. The game's soundtrack is equally impressive - featuring militaristic songs with symphonic strings for its more intense moments!

    Overall, Jagged Alliance: Rage! is sure to get your blood pumping. With its dynamic combat system and engaging storyline – it’s sure to provide hours of strategic fun for any fan of the series!

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