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Jagged Alliance 3 is coming to PC

Jagged Alliance 3 is coming to PC

A few days ago, we told you that Jagged Alliance Gold Edition is currently available for free on Steam, but we didn't anticipate that this giveaway was going to be accompanied by the announcement of a new installment in the series.

The original Jagged Alliance was released in 1995, and the Deadly Games expansion followed it. Jagged Alliance 2 brought the series back to life in 1999, and several DLC expanded its content in the following years, including Wildfire. The developers left the series aside for quite a long time until Jagged Alliance: Back in Action was released in 2010. It was a remake of Jagged Alliance 2 that came out to quench the thirst for action of the fans, but it wasn't enough. Developer THQ Nordic has published a video announcing Jagged Alliance 3 that has caught by surprise all the fans of the popular turn-based tactics series.



The press release accompanying the announcement video leaves it very clear: 


"Jagged Alliance 3 will combine tactically deep, turn-based combat with exploration of a large game world with strategic elements including gaining control over territories, training local forces, and establishing multiple squads chosen from beloved mercenaries - all well known to fans of the series."


Therefore the fans can expect a new experience that will feature all the highlights of previous installments, incorporating them into a brand new experience. Jagged Alliance 3 will take you to Grand Chien, a nation rich in natural resources under the control of a paramilitary group known as "The Legion". The family of the country's legitimate president has resorted to hiring a group of mercenaries to free Grand Chien from their grasp, and that's where you come in. With plenty of mercenaries to choose from, more customization options than ever, and a cooperative multiplayer mode to share the fun with your friends, Jagged Alliance 3 seems to have all the elements to become the game all the fans have been demanding for years. 

No release date is confirmed forJagged Alliance 3, but we expect to have more information on that matter very soon.

  • Categories : Strategy , Turn-Based
  • Editor : Madlab Software
  • Developer : Strategy First
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : September 2, 1994
  • Categories : Strategy , Turn-Based
  • Editor : Sir-Tech
  • Developer : Strategy First
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
  • Release date : December 31, 1995
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