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    Embark in a passionate journey of discovery as you try to survive inEndling - Extinction is Forever. In this game, you play as the last fox on Earth, the mother of two small cubs that tries to get them to survive at any cost in a world ravaged by the action of man. Living in the wilderness is hard, but progress, the driving force of human society, does not care about the natural environment, making things much more difficult for you and your tiny offspring. You need to guide and protect them as you watch them grow and become strong creatures capable of facing the world's dangers by themselves.

    Endling - Extinction is Forever is a game about discovering the corruptive power of humans and the impact they cause on the natural environment that surrounds them. You navigate a world suffering from the action of men, while you try to keep your cubs safe. Pollution, fire, and deforestation will be your enemies. You will need to tend to their needs and feed them. It won't be an easy task, but watching them develop their personalities as they grow will be a priceless reward to you.

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