Ubisoft finally released Far Cry: New Dawn in PS4, PC, and Xbox

Ubisoft finally released Far Cry: New Dawn in PS4, PC, and Xbox



Good news! Far Cry: New Dawn is now ready for you. The post-apocalyptic playground of Hope County is now welcoming visitors from around the globe. Players are now setting up their base, figuring how everything works, and coming across some awkward political subtexts, which Ubisoft claims to be nonexistent. If you haven’t had the chance to purchase it yet, it’s not too late to join the bandwagon.

So, how's the game so far? Seventeen years after the apocalypse, Hope County has slowly recovered from the remnants of war and devastation. The vegetation is now fine and society is better. Altogether, the environment is just refreshingly new. However, tyrannical oppression is still very much present. Aside from all that, there is nothing much to see here in terms of mechanical twists because Far Cry: New Dawn gives you a very familiar feeling if you have played its predecessor, Far Cry 5. This isn’t really a bad thing because it gives you the heads-up on how some features work and on how you can approach the open world of Far Cry: New Dawn.

In this game, the main missions are already mapped out for you but looking for enemy posts and getting companion recruit missions will come from your own explorations. This one is like a stylized version of Far Cry 5. It surely is a brief ride compared to Far Cry 5 but it’s fun while it lasts. Damon Hatfield from IGN gave it a 7.5/10 rating which means that it is good but not crazy good. It would also mean that Ubisoft did a decent job in Far Cry: New Dawn but they could have done more. Check out Far Cry: New Dawn in our comparator and get the best price available online.

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