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    Far Cry: New Dawn is an action/adventure game developed and published by Ubisoft. It is set in a post-apocalyptic territory, Hope County, Montana, where you will have to build your own home base to confront the Highwaymen, a gang of brutal bandits that terrorizes the area and their brutal leaders, the Twins.

    Like its predecessor, Far Cry: New Dawn is an action-adventure first-person shooter game set in an open world environment. Players are free to explore the land on foot or by a vehicle. The game uses a reimagined version Far Cry 5’s map. Some areas of the map are still inaccessible, but there are new areas that have become available to the player.

    Although you assume the role of a new character in Far Cry: New Dawn,  since the action takes place seventeen years after the events in Far Cry 5, you may see some familiar faces.  You will be the only one able to put a stop to the brutal activities of the Highwaymen, bringing a  little bit of sanity to a territory that is trying starting to recover from a nuclear incident.

    While fighting the bandits, you will be able to assault their outposts and occupy them to produce resources, but if you leave those alone, they will fortify them again, making it even harder to raid.  Hiring mercenaries or even animals to aid your cause will also be possible, as well as upgrading your weapons and customizing your vehicles. You will also travel outside of Montana on expeditions to gather extra resources.


    Far Cry: New Dawn is an action-filled title that brings a post-apocalyptic tint to the series. It's a solid FPS that maintains the best features of its predecessors, but with new additions to spice up your gameplay.

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