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Final Fantasy XVI demo is available now

Final Fantasy XVI demo is available now

Square Enix has decided to allow all fans of the Final Fantasy series to give the upcoming installment a try for free. There is a demo available to all players on PlayStation 5 and it gives you access to two different segments of Final Fantasy XVI. These will be more than enough for you to check out all the novelties, including the new gameplay systems and the beginning of the new storyline set in Valisthea and starring Clive Rosfield.

Prologue and thrilling combat

The first segment of the demo will guide you through the prologue of Final Fantasy XVI. It delves into Clive Rosfield's past and sets the scene for the following story as he embarks on a journey to claim vengeance against the dark eikon Efreet. You can save your progress if you reach the end of this segment and will be able to continue from that point once the final version of the game is released on June 22, 2023. Of course, remember that you can pre-order Final Fantasy XVI cheap with our comparator already if you don´t want to miss this adventure.



By completing the first segment of the Final Fantasy XVI demo you will also unlock a second gameplay segment that will let you fight against several enemies as you try to infiltrate into an enemy fortification at night. You are free to try Clive's abilities while he takes part in exciting battles alongside two of his companions. You can't save your progress on this segment of the demo but can replay it as many times as you want in order to check out all the details of the new combat system in Final Fantasy XVI.

Playing the Final Fantasy XVI demo is your only opportunity to find out if the new gameplay style is good enough for you or not. You shouldn't miss it if you are a fan of one of the most popular RPG series of all time.

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