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Final Fantasy XVI launch trailer looks amazing

Final Fantasy XVI launch trailer looks amazing

As promised, we had an opportunity to know more about Final Fantasy XVI yesterday during a PlayStation Showcase event. Square Enix has not disappointed the fans of the long-lived RPG series and released the Final Fantasy XVI launch trailer. The video features a combination of in-game cinematic scenes and gameplay that sheds light on many aspects of the upcoming adventure. You can watch one of the best trailers for the franchise right below.



A different Final Fantasy

The first thing to notice in the video is that Final Fantasy XVI looks radically different from its predecessors in the series. The combat scenes where we can see Clive Rosefield and his allies fighting against all kinds of enemies look like taken out of games like Monster Hunter World. They show a deeper focus on action rather than the more static turn-based combat that has been a staple in the series for a long time. That alone makes Final Fantasy XVI stand out among its peers. 

The video also reveals impressive graphics that show the evolution of the series in that matter with a solid bet on more realistic graphics and darker aesthetics. Unfortunately, the video does not have room to showcase mechanics, but the few bits of gameplay present in the footage reveal that Final Fantasy XVI will be quite dynamic and immersive.

Overall, Final Fantasy XVI will mark a new beginning of sorts for an RPG series that has matured well. Square Enix is so confident about it being a huge success that it doesn't even plan to release a big day one patch, which is a lot to say nowadays. Therefore, if you use our comparator to buy a Final Fantasy XVI code, you will be able to play as soon as you install the game on June 22 on your PlayStation 5.

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