Final Fantasy XVI looks stunningly beautiful

Final Fantasy XVI looks stunningly beautiful

The upcoming release of Final Fantasy XVI will bring a new representation of the world for the fans to discover, and it will look better than ever. Square Enix has improved the visual aspect of the games in the Final Fantasy series with every new entry. The world depicted in the classics has evolved until it has become a scenario full of life, gaining a lot of realism over the years. You can take a tour through Valisthea and visit some of its beautiful locations in a new video released by Square Enix on the occasion of the Pax East event last weekend. 



A new chapter in the evolution of the Final Fantasy series

Final Fantasy XVI takes the series to a new level with stunningly beautiful graphics. Square Enix has announced that the game will run at 30 FPS on 4K resolution, and 60 FPS on 1440p. But last weekend's reveal has also allowed us to watch a significant bit of gameplay, and it turns out that there is much more than enhanced graphics in the new game. You can watch the whole PAX East presentation below, courtesy of GameSpot.



It's worth noticing that Final Fantasy XVI will confirm that the series has definitely abandoned turn-based mechanics to focus on action. This is not a surprise after the good reception of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which made players completely forget about the classic mechanics to delve into a faster-paced adventure that also feels more immersive. Final Fantasy XVI is on the same path, and it feels quite cohesive despite not being an open-world adventure.

All of this new footage has shed new light on Final Fantasy XVI which was heavily criticized right after its presentation. The new game will definitely be a solid contender to claim the title of the best installment in the iconic RPG series. You will have to wait until June 22 to play the game exclusively on PlayStation 5 consoles. Feel free to use our comparator to buy a cheap Final Fantasy XVI PS5 key ahead of release.

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