Final Fantasy XVI battle gameplay trailers

Final Fantasy XVI battle gameplay trailers

Naoki Yoshida, director of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and producer of Final Fantasy XVI, had promised the public that he would put the pedal to the metal on the game's marketing a couple months before its official release. Fulfilling his promise, several of Final Fantasy XVI's hands-on previews popped up all around the internet, as well as a few trailers.

The featured trailers, courtesy of the Gematsu outlet, are focused on the combat gameplay of the new entry into the crystal franchise, which, as repeatedly reported by its producers, would be action-focused. To that end, Square Enix brought in Ryota Suzuki, a Capcom veteran responsible for productions like Monster Hunter World and Devil May Cry 5, to handle the battle design. The result is impressive:



For better or worse, some battles will feature the notorious QTE (Quick Time Events), which, combined with cutscenes, contribute to creating a "feeling of a non-stop roller coaster ride," as described by Naoki Yoshida. The trailers confirm that players will only control Clive in combat. However, the protagonist will have the assistance of some AI-controlled party members, such as Torgal, his faithful companion, and the staple character Cid, whose full name is Cidolfus Telamon.

Other videos show battle against colossal Eikons, the franchise's famous summons. In it, Clive faces Garuda, a creature way greater than himself. Still, with his frantic attacks and employing his Eikons abilities, the man stands head-to-head against his opponent.



Another trailer highlights the exploration of the Royal Waloeder Army Keep dungeon. You can see that the game requires some command input from the player to traverse, such as opening a gate. The seamless transition between combat and cutscene is terrific to watch. Clive can actively switch between three different equipped Eikons and activate their respective skillset to be consistent with the situation in battle.



This clip shows some of Timely's called accessories. These are pieces of equipment that facilitate a specific aspect of the game. The Ring of Timely Healing, for example, automatically activates the use of a Potion when the protagonist's HP drops to a certain point. While the Ring of Timely Focus slows down time before a projectile hits Clive. This equipment may be part of the Story mode mentioned by Naoki Yoshida for players not used to action-driven RPGs.

Final Fantasy XVI is getting increasingly grandiose with each new piece of information published. The producers promised a demo for the PlayStation 5 audience two weeks before the game's official release. Sony's console exclusivity lasts six months, but this doesn't necessarily mean the game will release for PC after this period. Yoshida commented that optimization is arduous, and this may extend the PC release.

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