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A Final Fantasy XVI State of Play is coming tomorrow

A Final Fantasy XVI State of Play is coming tomorrow

Square Enix is completely focused on the next installment in its most famous RPG series. Final Fantasy XVI will bring a completely new cast of characters that will experience an epic adventure in the world of Valisthea. In this new scenario, six different nations compete against each other, but things take a turn for the worse when a mysterious plague known as the Blight starts spreading, infecting people and causing the tension between the nations to skyrocket. These nations use individuals that serve as hosts to powerful creatures known as Eikons to pursue their agendas. Final Fantasy XVI follows the story of Clive Rosfield and his brother. Alongside a couple of friends, they embark on a mission to claim revenge on the dark Eikon Efreet, who has destroyed the kingdom of Rosaria.

An event dedicated to Final Fantasy XVI

We have been able to discover several aspects of Final Fantasy XVI's gameplay through a series of videos, but much more information will be available very soon. Square Enix has partnered with Sony to organize a State of Play dedicated to Final Fantasy XVI. The event will take place tomorrow at 11 pm CEST and it will be viewable via Twitch and YouTube. Be ready to discover over 20 minutes of new gameplay footage and plenty of details about the upcoming role-playing game. 



Final Fantasy XVI will confirm the transition of the series to more action-based combat that leaves behind turn-based mechanics. Such a change was a success in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and it will probably become the standard for any future installment in the series. Let's hope that we can discover more details about the new combat system in tomorrow's showcase.

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