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Square wants to celebrate 35 years of Final Fantasy with major announcements

Square wants to celebrate 35 years of Final Fantasy with major announcements

The investment consultant David Gibson shared that Square Enix communicated in an internal meeting that it's preparing to make several announcements very soon to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise. David resides in Japan.

On social media, it was reported that the Japanese publisher plans to release several titles this fiscal year that runs through March 31, 2023, but efforts will be directed towards the company's flagship franchise. This corroborates Square's efforts to bolster production of eastern titles after the sale of its western companies.



Final Fantasy's 35th anniversary website

Square Enix had already opened a website dedicated to Final Fantasy's anniversary in March of this year. According to producer Naoki Yoshida, one of its subsequent big releases, Final Fantasy XVI, is already in the final stages of production. A new trailer is expected to go live later this spring.

In December last year, the producer stated that the game would be delayed by half a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which directly influenced various sectors of the industry. As the team had to work remotely, there were production problems, and the next big reveal of the game had to be postponed.



Final Fantasy XVI is currently confirmed to be a PlayStation 5 timed exclusive and does not yet have a release date. Some believe the game will come out in late 2022, while others are betting on March 2023.

In addition, director Yoshinori Kitase, who's in charge of the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake, stated in January this year that the team wants to officially unveil the sequel later this year, to celebrate 25 years since the release of the original game on the PSOne. While they want to, it's not a guarantee.

On its official website, Square Enix promises to deliver several new ways to enjoy the worlds of Final Fantasy in 2022. Since March, the page is still without updates. Still, it mentions games where our comparator offers excellent game deals, like Chocobo GP and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

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