Final Fantasy XVI next reveal on Spring 2022

Final Fantasy XVI next reveal on Spring 2022

In an announcement of Sony showcases like the State of Play or at annual gaming events like E3, Summer Game Fest, or The Game Awards, fans' hearts begin to skip anxiously whenever Square Enix pops on the screen. But when the first screens show a game other than Final Fantasy XVI, spirits get sullen, and anticipation feels betrayed.

Final Fantasy XVI was first announced in September 2020. Since then, we have only had a few crumbs of information, such as voiceover and facial capture first recorded in English. If you want more details about the world and characters of Final Fantasy XVI, you can find them on its official website.

Naoki Yoshida, known affectionately as Yoshi-P, has often said they are waiting for the game to be in a pretty-much-done state before releasing new information. Previously, that announcement would occur sometime in late 2021. Now, in a new message from the producer - who frequently opted for transparency as director of Final Fantasy 16 - Yoshida says that the next big reveal of Final Fantasy XVI is slated for Spring 2022.

Yoshi-P says that the pandemic has affected the game's development. Facing this new reality and decentralizing the workforce has postponed the game by half a year. Consequently, the announcements have also been delayed. But in order to not harm the game's final state and avoid having another Cyberpunk on our hands, I believe that pushing the release back is a sound alternative, no matter how upset some may be about it. 

Final Fantasy XVI message from the producer

Final Fantasy XIV Message from the Producer about game delayed

Meanwhile, that doesn't mean we are orphans of Final Fantasy or even Square Enix games. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, which promises to retell the tales of the first Final Fantasy through Garland's point-of-view, arrives March 18, 2022. We also have Forspoken coming May 25, 2022, a game developed by Luminous Productions, composed primarily of Final Fantasy XV developers. You can check out Forspoken's CD Keys deals and grab these two action RPGs that are sure to have all the magic and mastery of Square Enix's technomancers.

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