Forspoken gameplay trailer and release date

Forspoken gameplay trailer and release date

Forspoken, the next game from Luminous Productions, the development branch responsible for Final Fantasy XV, received a new trailer at The Game Awards and later on provided several outlets with a hands-on preview. 

The first trailer introduced us to more of the game's plot. Frey Holland (played by the actress Ella Balinska) is a 21-year-old new-yorker who is thrown into the fantasy world of Athia. If you're familiar with animes, you know they call this genre "isekai." Once in Athia, Frey is granted magical powers by a sentient well-mannered bracelet named Cuff.

Release date trailer


The world of Athia is plagued by Break, a miasma that corrupts everything in its path. Frey mysteriously resists the power of this devastation, which portrays her as a kind of savior to the world's citizens. Meanwhile, a group of evil sorceresses known as Tantas, and rulers of Athia, will do everything to prevent our heroine from doing things that heroes usually do.

The second trailer, a hands-on preview, provided more juicy information about the gameplay. In the vast open world of Athia, we can see Frey doing magical parkour as she glides smoothly through various expansive terrains and up high cliffs. The movement is similar to Noctis from Final Fantasy XV but even more fluid.

You can watch a few minutes of Forspoken gameplay courtesy of the Kowal GT DIY channel below:


Forspoken features

Forspoken features a classic open-world map. Exploration is the focus, and this rewards you with treasures chests scattered around the world, bystanders monsters just waiting to be smacked, and resources for crafting cloaks and necklaces, Frey's equipment of choice. We also have nail design, making our heroine's hand look stylish while providing different bonuses and abilities.

Frey's magical powers seem to be driven by elements of nature such as earth, water, fire, and thunder. Mixing and combining magic can cause even more havoc on enemies. In addition, the game features a skill tree that lets us define and customize our playstyle.

All in all, I would have liked to have experienced the game firsthand to give a more accurate analysis. Still, it seems to be a good entry into the gaming world. If you are interested, Forspoken will launch for PlayStation 5 (2 years console timed-exclusive) and PC on May 24, 2022. You can check out Forspoken CD-Key deals and preorder it to get some fancy in-game bonuses. 

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