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Final Fantasy 7 Remake shows plenty of characters in a new video

Final Fantasy 7 Remake shows plenty of characters in a new video

It's needless to say how relevant is the launch of Final Fantasy 7 Remake for the fans of the series. There is no doubt that the original game is the preferred one for most people. Both Cloud and Sephirot have become really popular characters and just the amazing graphics of the remake would be reason enough for most players to give a try to the new game. But Final Fantasy 7 Remake is bringing much more than that, including new features and reworked mechanics to adapt to the new times.

If you are a long time fan of the series you will recognize the Honey Bee. It's a location that appears in the first game where Cloud can crossdress to disguise himself. The latest video of Final Fantasy 7 Remake lets you take a peek at the new version of the place and also shows some characters that will be very familiar to those that played the original game, including Red XIII, scarlet and Palmer. If you have not played Final Fantasy VII and you intend to give a try to the remake you might want to skip watching the video because it reveals some parts of the storyline.



The video also serves as the presentation for a new song which is titled "Hollow" and that will be part of the new soundtrack that Nobuo Uematsu has created for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Square Enix has also announced the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Orchestra World Tour, which will take the music of the game around the globe through a series of multimedia concerts that will delight the fans of Final Fantasy.

The launch of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is scheduled for April 10th, 2020. As it happened with its predecessors, when they were released the game will be available exclusively on Sony's platforms, PlayStation 4 in this case.

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