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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Opening cinematic has been revealed

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Opening cinematic has been revealed

The postponement of the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake has left many fans wanting more info about the game and Square Enix seems to be happy to quench their thirst. We have already seen plenty of game footage that showed the combat system, the new versions of some of the most popular enemies, and many of the characters in the game and more. Now it's the turn of the completely remade opening cinematic of the game, one of the most recognizable scenes in Final Fantasy VII that has a completely new look and even lasts a bit longer in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.



The city of Midgar has never looked so alive before. Detailed visuals and new cutscenes are followed by a beautiful Aeris and the epic entrance of the members of AVALANCHE and the main character in the game, Cloud Strife, who looks as spectacular as always. Just watching the cinematic you can anticipate that the fight against the soldiers of Shinra Corporation is going to be memorable.

Even though it's a new version of the original game, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is already one of the most anticipated games of 2020. As stated above, we have had the opportunity to watch other aspects of its gameplay in previous videos, but it's quite likely that Square Enix will show us more before the game is released on April 10. If by any chance you are going to Pax East you may have the opportunity of playing a demo of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The event is being held at the end of this month in Boston.



Until the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake all we can do is hope for a smooth launch and wait to see if Square Enix lets us know more about the game. Even if that is not the case, the information revealed so far confirms that waiting a bit longer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake is going to be worth it, especially for the fans of the Final Fantasy series.

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