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Fall Guys season 2 has started!

Fall Guys season 2 has started!

Fall Guys has been quite a discovery for a huge number of players since it was released not too long ago. This goofy experience that combines platform mechanics with battle royale has become one of the most popular games this summer and it's not exceptional only because of the sheer number of people playing it, but also because of the insanely fast growth of its player base. Such big popularity has even had an effect on the Fall Guys developers' agenda, and Mediatonic has even canceled the development of a sequel to focus on the current game.

Players can now experience a part of the results of that decision because Fall Guys Season 2 kicks off today with a few novelties. The new season includes four new levels to the game, along with plenty of new customization options and bug fixes. Knight Fever, Wall Guys, Hoopsie Legends, and Egg Siege will prove to be as challenging as fun for Fall Guys players. The patch that has been released today also includes a few new features for the game, like a random outfit generator for those too not interested in spending time with their beans' looks, and a Show Selector feature that lets player choose which show they want to play to have fun in their favorite types of rounds. Finally, on the customization side, you can also create customizable banners and nameplates for your beans.



Fall Guys Season 2 is already available, and all you have to do to play it is updating your game. If you are a seasoned Fall Guys player you will have lots of fun with the new content, and if you are yet to discover this incredibly fun game, you can find it at the best price with our comparator. Remember that Mediatonic still has a lot of novelties in storage for Fall Guys, and we will see more gameplay modes and features added to the game in the future.




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